How Working with a Virtual Nutritionist can be Beneficial to Your Health

Long gone are the days when dieting was the happening thing. It is estimated that over 90% of people who follow the latest diet craze either fail or regain the weight after losing it. What these dieters who fail to meet their weight loss goals don’t realize is that losing weight isn't about dieting. It's more about adopting a healthier lifestyle they can then follow religiously. It's about dropping old habits that didn't work and adopting good habits that do.

Since we live in a time where everything from shopping to reading a book can be done virtually, it should come as no surprise that you can improve your health and lose weight by making an appointment with a dietitian for virtual nutrition counseling. In this blog, you can find out more about nutrition counseling and how working with a virtual nutritionist can be beneficial to your health and weight loss goals.

Get a Free Nutritionist Consultation

If you're worried that working with an RDN isn't the right choice for you, then it is possible to get a free trial consultation to discuss virtual nutrition and what it can do for you and your health. This takes the stress out of making a decision about seeing a dietitian nutritionist.

Virtual Nutrition Counseling Saves You Time

Since stress is one of the number one causes of overeating and living an unhealthy lifestyle then having a virtual session as an appointment can save you time and reduces your stress levels. An experienced dietitian also has the responsibility of creating a plan that is unique to your health needs. From the meal plan that is right for you to helping you set up a food journal, and experienced RDN will be with you every step of the way.

Oftentimes, even those in the virtual nutrition counseling field will offer a one-size-fits-all approach to nutrition. A reputable nutritionist will make sure to tailor the plan according to your lifestyle and your health goals. Since they do extensive research into virtual nutrition and your lifestyle, they will save you time and money that you might have otherwise lost on failed diet plans.

Virtual Nutrition Counseling Saves You Money

From experienced nutrition intervention to choosing the right supplements, a virtual nutritionist can help you to overcome a variety of health problems, since they specialize in creating diet plans. The result of this is to save you a lot of money, that might otherwise be spent on medications, doctor bills, and even emergency room bills, as poor lifestyle choices and excessive weight gain can lead to doctor's visits that cost a pretty penny. It is also important to note at this point that from nutritionists in a private practice to dietitians online, each should be HIPAA compliant, so that is something to look for when making your appointment.

Ease of Access and Accountability Reduces Anxiety

When you're working with someone who knows about nutrition intervention and is HIPAA compliant, it certainly reduces your anxiety levels. Ease of access from your Smartphone, the ability to get in touch with someone on Telehealth and knowing that someone from that private practice is only a phone call away does a lot to relieve stress and improve your health. Since video conferencing and Telehealth is available to support you many hours of the day, you know you have someone there to guide you through everything from your meal plan to the coaching you need just to make it through the day.

Telehealth for Mental Health and Confidence

Just the idea that you can contact Telehealth and the private practice from the comfort of your own home is enough to increase the confidence and mental health of many of those who are looking to change their lifestyle and lose the weight needed to be healthy. Many people who want to lose weight are embarrassed to go into a gym or to see a nutritionist where other people are going to be around to witness their struggles. Telehealth and nutritionists in private practice online make it possible for you to get the support you need without having to go through the stress of meeting with others who might not understand.

Effective and Long-Term Weight Loss

Studies have shown that working with a registered dietitian and nutritionist increases a person's chances of effectively losing weight and keeping that weight under control afterwards. The best thing about virtual nutrition is that you have the support needed even after you have lost the weight you want to lose. Losing weight isn't just about shedding the pounds, it's about keeping the pounds off when your goal is met. Your nutritionist is going to be mindful of how much you eat, helping you to start a journal, and even help with creative meal planning, so you don't feel as if you're starving and doing without the food you love.

Motivation and Support

Having the right motivation and support is key to learning to live a healthier lifestyle and to meeting the goals you have set yourself to lose the weight you want to lose. The 24-hour option and the many different ways, from video conferences to phone calls can help you more than anything else. If you were to go to a brick and mortar location in order to see someone in this field, then you could only get the motivation and support you need during regular business hours. This option is much better for someone who is struggling with their goals and lifestyle.

These are just a few of the top benefits to your health you can achieve by using a virtual service to lose weight and create and maintain a healthy lifestyle you crave. Remember, while they can help you, it's also important to realize that losing weight and maintaining that lifestyle takes determination and patience on your part as well.