by Noelle miller

I weigh 146 lbs and am wanting to lose 10 lbs, how many calories should I consume daily? (Semi healthy eating / 30 min - 1 hour workouts daily


Joanne Perez, MS, RDN, LD

Energy needs differ from person to person. There is no formula that will guarantee weight loss. Many factors go into figuring out how much energy you body needs.

The fastest way to gain weight is to diet. Research has also shown that restricting food quantities and labeling foods as good or bad\/healthy or unhealthy leads to overeating (bingeing) and less satisfaction. The most successful approach is one in which you listen to your body, have balance & variety and change your thinking to be geared away from weight loss and externals. As you let go of restrictions around food and allow yourself to eat freely, you will find that your body will tell you what it wants and needs. You will be satisfied and not spend energy/time thinking or worrying about food all the time.

Plus, exercise can only be effective if you fuel your body. If your caloric intake is too low, any boost in metabolism that you get from the exercise will be negated by the decrease from starvation.

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