by tyrell tammy smalls

Do you have menu of food for diabetics that I can follow?


Joanne Perez, MS, RDN, LD

“The secret of managing diabetes lies in learning to celebrate food and its amazing ability to nourish you”

It used to be that a person with diabetes had to stay away from carbohydrates and "play" foods. We are learning that approach might not be the most beneficial one. Restricting foods causes our bodies to carve them and often lead to overeating. Diabetics can eat just about everything as long as it is done using proper portions and making sure you always have some protein or fat with your carbohydrate source. Examples would be a an apple with a string cheese. And if you want some ice cream, be sure to have a scoop after dinner when you have had other foods that can counterbalance the high sugar content.

When you eat, pay attention to how various foods affect you. Note how you feel physically and mentally before and after eating. Check your blood glucose level before and two hours after eating for additional feedback on the foods you chose. The more you do this, the more you will feel in charge of your eating and your diabetes care, rather than feeling controlled by them.

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