by Lisa Miller

How can I BBQ healthy during the upcoming labor day weekend? I have diabetes which is under control but also trying to lose weight.


Joanne Perez, MS, RDN, LD

Actually BBQ's can be a great option for you. Make kabobs with vegetables and chicken or go for a burger made with lean ground beef. Use marinades and seasonings to really add flavor to your dishes. Make sure you are pairing higher carb dishes with a some protein or fat to help prevent sugar spikes.

For your sides, focus on portion control and go for the dishes that you don't normally eat. And, don't be afraid to think out side the box and go with something less traditional a spinach salad with some strawberries and and walnuts and a little cheese or roasted vegetables.

Other tips include:
1. Decrease the amount of mayo by at least ½ and use some greek yogurt.
2. Plan for a snack before you go. You never want to show up starving. And also, make sure you eat throughout the day and aren't trying to "save" calories or carbs for the big event.
3. Make a sampler plate-have a small portion of your favorites.
Make a plate that is colorful and has many different textures so you satisfy all off your hungers.
4. Don't restrict foods or not let yourself eat foods that you have deemed as unhealthy or bad. Research has shown that labeling foods as good or bad\/healthy or unhealthy leads to overeating (bingeing) and less satisfaction. And research is showing that intuitive eating can help better manage diabetes.

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