What are the best sushi choices for someone who is trying to lose weight?
by Vic2016

What are the best sushi choices for someone who is trying to lose weight?


Joanne Perez, MS, RDN, LD

Many people think sushi is "healthy," but there are many hidden calories in some of the most popular rolls and those calories can add up fast if you eat an entire order. Here are some suggestions to help you enjoy your favorite rolls without guilt (not that you should ever feel guilty about eating):

Keep portions in mind. Stick to one roll or 8 pieces since each piece has an average 50 calories. If you eat two rolls, that's 800 calories!

Have an app. Start with a cup of miso soup or seaweed salad to help fill you up and give you a more balanced meal.

Be rice picky. Most sushi restaurants have brown rice available so ask for that easy swap to add fiber and additional nutrients to your roll.

Know what the words really mean. If you see crunchy or spicy, it usually means fried or loaded with a mayo sauce. You don't need to skip these, you just need to use variety and mix these rolls with items like sashimi, cucumber roll or avocado roll.

Make subsitutions. Ask the chef to hold the mayo on your Spicy Tuna Roll and add a dash of wasabi instead. Avocados are full of "healthy" fats so don't be afraid to ask for it to be added or substitued.

Know which rolls to limit. Shrimp Tempura Rolls and Philadelphia Rolls are best when shared with someone else since they tend to higher in fat.

Sushi can be a great way to add lean protein to your meal and if you add something like a salad, you can have a well-balanced, variety filled meal that is delicious and even fun to eat.

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