Online Nutritionist

Online Nutritionist

HealthSoup is a great new way to achieve weight loss, practice intuitive eating, and work toward a healthy lifestyle. With mindful eating and 1-on-1 coaching with an online fully licensed United States-based nutritionist, you're able to build better, healthier habits. Here's how it works:

Personalized Nutrition Knowledge

There is no "one size fits all" approach to diet. That's why many fads and trends don't last. With HealthSoup, you get personalized online advice from registered dietitian nutritionists licensed by an accreditation council to practice in the United States. Whether your goal is to lose weight, increase energy, or practice more intuitive eating, our online nutritionists and dietitians can provide you with personalized recommendations for your lifestyle. HealthSoup users are given specialized attention that takes their background, chronic conditions, and even occupations into account to spot health trends and develop a solution.

Track Everything You Eat With an Intuitive Eating Counselor

Using our beautiful, minimalistic iOS mobile app, you can easily track your food, exercise, and wellness. Take a photo of your meal or search from over 350,000 foods in our database. Share your food journal with your nutrition consultant or RD and get personalized recommendations. This allows our dietitians to spot patterns in your eating and exercise habits, and develop a new way to look at food and exercise. Instead of guilting yourself with a calorie counter or wracking your brain to add up Weight Watchers points, you're building a healthy relationship with the food you consume. You'll also learn that, sometimes, cravings are okay and that you can feel good about treating yourself from time to time.

No More Fad Food Systems

HealthSoup is a great first step toward wellness and an excellent alternative to traditional dieting. No more counting calories or Weight Watchers points or following rigorous diets to achieve weight loss or lead a more healthy lifestyle. Our philosophy is based on improving your diet by focusing on mindful eating and a balanced diet supported by reliable scientific studies on nutrition. Our registered dietitians and nutrition educators can help you with personalized lifestyle changes to help achieve your goals. Say goodbye to Weight Watchers and the South Beach Diet and hello to a smarter intuitive eating program.
Online Nutritionist

Learn About the Nutrition Science Career Path

While HealthSoup isn't a substitute for a nutrition science certificate or a degree program, our team of experts is knowledgeable about what it takes to acquire a nutrition degree. It's great for lifelong learners because becoming a dietitian doesn't stop with a Bachelor's degree. You can pursue a Master's degree or even a Ph.D. Plus, a nutrition degree can lead to many different occupations, including professors, food service managers, dietitians, and even starting a private practice or your own business. If you ever have a question about nutrition science, your nutrition educator will be able to answer it.

A Different Approach to Nutrition Programs

The difference between HealthSoup and other wellness and nutrition programs is our personalized nutrition therapy and counseling that is tailor-made for your body. Instead of nutrition programs that are run by marketers and food service insiders who are more interested in turning a profit than helping you achieve results, our team of RDs and nutrition science experts cares about your wellness journey. To us, you're a unique human being, not a dollar sign. We're here because we care about your health and want to be a part of your nutrition and weight loss journey.
Online Nutritionist

Sustainable Weight Loss Results

Most people who follow aggressive nutrition programs eventually end up back to where they started. That’s because those diets don’t help you create long-term intuitive eating habits that are sustainable. Have you heard of the “Biggest Loser” contestants ultimately gaining back all the weight they lost? Often, contestants on such shows are using extreme measures to achieve weight loss instead of working towards a more healthy lifestyle. Dietetics research has shown that it takes an average of 30 days to form a new habit, and that includes building a healthy relationship with food. HealthSoup coaches will help you create practical daily goals, set reminders, and form sustainable habits based around intuitive eating and nutrition knowledge so you can achieve your overall objectives.

Registered Dietitian vs. Nutritionist

Many people mistakenly use the terms “dietitian” and “nutritionist” interchangeably since many people aren't well aware of the dietetics’ career path. All registered dietitians are nutritionists, however, not all nutritionists are registered dietitians. HealthSoup coaches are dietitians who are licensed to practice in the United States and are registered with the Commission on Dietetic Registration (CDR) and regularly meet with an accreditation council to stay in good standing. Our coaches have RD credentials and have completed a CNS exam to make sure they're thoroughly vetted. This means you would be getting reliable nutrition science-based advice from a fully-licensed online nutritionist or clinical dietitian who's an expert in the nutrition field as well as public health.
Online Nutritionist

Get Inspiring Health Counseling

Browse thousands of inspiring tips from Nutritionists and health educators that are invested in human health. Get reliable science-based information from professionals, like an RD or nutritionist who you can trust. You can find tips for a wide variety of topics including heart health, athletic performance, sports nutrition, anatomy, weight loss, cravings, weight gain, chronic conditions like diabetes, pregnancy, your overall health background, and more.


  • Consult online with a registered dietitian nutritionist
  • Personalized diet plan for weight loss and intuitive eating
  • Track the foods you eat with our beautiful mobile app
  • Science-based nutrition therapy that is sustainable and healthy
  • Send a direct message to your coach
  • Learn about nutrition degree programs
  • Browse tips & recipes from nutritionists
  • Simple, secure, and convenient
  • Plans that fit all budgets

A New Way to View Your Health

If you're ready to take control of your wellness and develop a healthy relationship with yourself, HealthSoup is here to help. Our nutrition science experts and dieticians will work with you to develop a nutrition program that works with your unique body. Weight loss, wellness, and fitness work differently for everyone, which is why we personalize every single plan with our wealth of nutrition knowledge. Take this first step and reach out to HealthSoup today to learn more about our specialized approach to intuitive eating.