About Us
The #1 Nutrition App for Mindful Eating and Diet Advice.

Scientific studies have established that people can live healthier, happier and longer with a well balanced diet and physical exercise. Our mission is to enable users to improve their diet with reliable, science-based nutrition advice.

HealthSoup helps you to look & feel great, with holistic nutrition advice. Fad diets only work temporarily. Calorie counting is too time consuming. HealthSoup takes a scientific approach to improving your diet, by focusing on healthy long-term habits, recommended by expert dietitians.

Benefits for Users

When it comes to an ideal diet, there is no "one size fits all" approach. HealthSoup connects users with Registered Dietitians (RDN) who can provide personalized diet advice based on unique lifestyles and goals. Here are the top 5 benefits for users:

  • Reliable diet advice from dietitians
  • Focus on balanced nutrition rather than aggressive/fad diets
  • Eat healthy with sustainable long-term habits
  • Improve overall health, prevent chronic disease(s)
  • Tailored to your unique lifestyle/needs

Benefits for Nutritionists

HealthSoup offers a modern digital platform for nutritionists to connect with health conscious users, and become social influencers. Whether you are looking to advance career opportunities, build a private consulting practice or showcase your nutrition expertise, HealthSoup is an awesome place to start. To join you must have a valid CDR# and should be licensed to practice in one or more US states.

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Our Team

HealthSoup was founded by a serial entrepreneur who has built and grown many successful hi-tech businesses. We are based out of Columbus, Ohio with associates across the US. Our team is comprised of a diverse network of dietitians and engineers who are passionate about promoting healthy lifestyles.