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All HealthSoup coaches are Registered Dietitian Nutritionists (RDN) that have an active license to practice in one or more US states.
* This service does not provide medical nutrition therapy and is not intended to treat any diseases.
Time to stop fad diets.
Your HealthSoup coach will help set practical goals and help you focus on a balanced diet approach. You will end up feeling great.
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HealthSoup vs. Weight Watchers
The Weight Watchers service allocates so called "experts" to work with you. Most of these experts are not licensed and are simply other users like yourself. This means, you have no idea if you are getting reliable advice.

All coaches at HealthSoup are US Registered Dietitians who are licensed to provide nutrition advice by the Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics. This means you get reliable, science-based diet advice.

Consulting with a local dietitian can cost you upwards of $200. With HealthSoup you can get the same advice for a fraction of the cost, from the convenience of your home. (Over 4x Value)
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Frequently Asked Questions
HealthSoup is not a diet program or a specific diet. It is a platform for users to connect with qualified Registered Dietitians and get reliable diet advice. If you are confused about the myriad of diet choices out there, HealthSoup is a great way to get science-based advice that will help you pick the right approach for your health goals.
All HealthSoup coaches are Registered Dietitians. They are registered with the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and are also licensed to practice in one or more US states.
After you sign-up for coaching, you complete a questionnaire that helps our nutritionist better understand your concerns and nutrition needs. We then assign a Registered Dietitian to you who will provide personalized diet recommendations. You can send follow-up messages to the dietitian via the HealthSoup App or website anytime as long as you have available credits.
We recommend focusing on a balanced nutrition approach and developing long-term healthy habits rather than aggressive diets designed for weight loss. With aggressive diets, you may lose some weight in the short term but that does not help you long-term and it may not be healthy for your body either. Your HealthSoup coach can provide you with practical recommendations that will help you eat healthy and improve your overall diet and lifestyle, hence creating a more long-term sustainable approach to nutrition.
HealthSoup takes privacy very seriously. All communication between your device (phone, computer, tablet) and the HealthSoup servers use 256 Bit encryption - the highest levels of industry standard encryption to avoid data being snooped at by unauthorized people. Also, all data is encrypted before being stored in our servers which means an unauthorized person cannot read the data without the necessary keys which they wont have access to.
Although our dietitians are licensed to provide medical nutrition therapy, we do not provide this service via the HealthSoup App due to licensing restrictions that vary by US State. The goal of this service is to educate users to make the right nutrition choices for a healthy lifestyle.
We offer a 2 week free trial. To sign-up for the trial you would need a credit card for validation. You can cancel anytime and will not be charged during the trial period. After the trial period your card will be charged for the following month.
We offer a 2 week trial period during which the service is totally free. After the trial period, the service costs only $1143 per week. There are no long term commitments and you can cancel anytime.
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1-on-1 Coaching Benefits
Get matched with a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN).
Improve your diet with personalized recommendations for your unique lifestyle.
Help with setting practical health goals rather than aggressive diets.
Help with focusing on a balanced diet approach and forming healthy long-term habits.
Address health concerns like weight management, energy, digestion, athletics, etc.
Followup with direct messages to your coach.
No long term commitments. Cancel anytime.
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