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Track what you eat, in 5 seconds or less

No more complex calories to track. Simply add a food or photo and you are done!

Focus on mindful eating

Our app helps you stay on top of your diet and eat mindfully and clean. No more aggressive dieting.

Get nutrition advice

Securely share your food journal with a friend or nutritionist. Explore tips from expert dietitians.

Track Progress

Stay on top of your diet and work towards your intuitive eating goals.

Get Nutrition Advice

Explore thousands of useful tips & recommendations from expert nutritionists

Improve your health with mindful eating.

No more aggressive dieting or fad diets.

Eating Disorders
Weight Loss/ Gain
Increase Energy
Improve Digestion
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Real Success Stories

"For a small time investment, this App was totally life changing!"

App Features

Beautiful Food Journal

Track everything you eat using a simple to use journal. It's amazingly easy and fast.

Mindful Eating Approach

No more calories to track. Simply add a food and tag it.

"Shake" to Add Foods

Simply shake your phone and add an item. No more fiddling around menus and buttons.

Voice Recognition

Don't like typing? We got you covered. Just speak and the app will convert your voice to text and add the food.

Food Photos

Simply snap a photo of what you eat and add it. Comments are optional.

Track Weight

You can keep track of changes to your weight as often as you want. Completely optional.

Share your Journal

Share a secure online link to your journal with a friend or nutritionist. Get advice and support.

Monitor Progress

Stay on top of your diet by monitoring your progress. Get a monthly "mindful eating" score to see how you are doing.

Personal Diet Recommendations

Get nutrition recommendations from a licensed nutritionst for your personal goals

Ask a Dietitian

Post a question and get responses from dietitians. Discover inspiring tips from hundreds of expert nutritionists.

Available for Apple IOS

The HealthSoup App is currently available for IOS devices (iPhone, iPad). Coming soon on Android.
Best of all, it's free!

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It's amazingly fast and easy.
*This service does not provide medical nutrition therapy and is not intended to treat any diseases.